Real People from Rio – Hip Shot Chopped Limbs

October 30, 2014

Hip Shot Chopped Limbs

I’ve never seen any place where the body was so much explicitly shown as in Rio de Janeiro.

Although there is a catholic mentality cover skin in sin, even so the body in Rio is a real asset.

The curvy beautiful lady has it as a weapon to impress, and show it off is not a problem for men. Everybody is used to see everybody half naked on the beach. Also the climate, always hot and baking, contribute to flesh exposure and skin cancer.

Rio de Janeiro, city center.

October 29, 2014

Rio de Janeiro, city center. An abandoned and decayed construction is just open in the middle of the city.
There is no control, no protection, it is just open. Some people will use it to pee, poo and other will go inside the open space and take a picture.

My Colleagues of the Dark Night

October 26, 2014

This People I've met and seen

Amsterdam in the Winter

October 25, 2014

Urban Texture

This People I’ve met and seen.

October 24, 2014

This People I've met and seen

Rio de Janeiro – Spontaneous Urban Texture

October 20, 2014

In Rio de Janeiro, as in the whole Brazil, the level of recycling is very high.
This car was a taxi that fell inside a muddy water. I know it because it was covered in mud. But even so it was placed in the street, and every time, a garage shop nearby would need some part, it would be taken from it.

The car stays there, falling apart with the action of the time, weather and people who go there to pick some part out of it.

There is no regulation, no security, no health matters taken. Any bacteria or danger just burns under the Carioca Sun.